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A440 eh? 

Technical Corner  

      A440 is our pitch standard. Nerveless, pitch variations remain around the globe.

     Here is a short expose on past and current pitch variations. 

      There is a Chickering piano I tune regularly  that has embossed on the plate, "International Standard Pitch A435" That is 20 cents lower then A440;  A pitch established in Paris in 1880. Montreal Symphony officially uses A442 , 8 cents sharper then 440.  At the turn of the century the Steinway factory would deliver pianos at your choice of "soft pitch" or "hard pitch" , being a440 and A452(48cents sharper) respectively. A452 was the official British Military band pitch.  I own a C melody saxophone from 1917 with tuning fork symbol and the words "low pitch" stamped on the back. "Low pitch" is A440.  Thus far I have discussed a 70 cent range, nearly a full semitone.  
      It is worth taking note of current variations.  I have seen musicians get into trouble. I recall a show I was tuning for at Maison de Culture in Gatineau.  A first show of a tour. They were using some tracks with recorded string players and some orchestral instruments.  Apparently they had the trax produced somewhere In Europe, and they were at A444. They did not realize the significance of this until their first sound check with a piano at A440, 16 cents lower.  
    This reality has implications for our understanding of "perfect pitch".  With historical variations of over a semitone, it appears not to be absolute, but simply an extraordinary memory for whatever one has been exposed to over time.  
      In conclusion, here is a brief overview of some historically significant pitch references.  
      Take note that at A400 , one hz variation to A441 is 4 cents. There are 100 cents in a semitone. This is an approximation for Hz graphed against cents it in fact an exponential curve.  
Never less if you consider that a full semitone is approximately A 415 to 440 you will appreciate the variations below fully.  

c. 1715 A= 419.9, England. Crude tenor fork, possibly made by John Shore, the inventor of the tuning fork. 
1751 A=422.5, London. Handel's tuning fork. The box which contains the fork bears the inscription: "This pitchfork was the property of the Immortal Handel and left by him at the Foundling Hospital, when the Messiah was performed in 1751." 
1780 A= 421.3, Vienna. Tuning fork of the Saxon organ builder Schulz who lived in Vienna during Mozart's lifetime. 
c.1820 A=433, London. "Pitch approved by Sir George Smart, conductor of the Philharmonic 
1829 A=425.5, Paris. Pitch of the piano at the opera 
1839 A=448, Hamburg. Opera pitch. 
1859 A=456.1, Vienna. Sharp Vienna pitch from a fork in the possession of the Streicher Piano Co. The Viennese orchestral pitch as used before the introduction of the French Diapason Normal. 
1878 A= 436, London. Standard pitch of church organs taken from Metzler's tuning fork 
1880 A=444.9, London. Her majesty's opera. From a tuning fork of the theatre as measured by Hipkins 
1880 A=446.2, London. Tuning fork used by John Broadwood and Co for in house tunings but not for public concerts.

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David Renaud

Live Broadcast - Musicians Performance Trust Fund

Join us for a Free broadcast over the Musicians Performance Trist Funds New York Server. Robin Petre, Doug Brierly, and David Renaud bring you a one-hour concert live from Gigspace with sound technician Mike Mullin.

David Renaud

syncspace.live -

The Canadian Trad Collective is a new six-piece group bringing together some of Canada’s leading proponents of early jazz, performing together live across the Internet between cities. The collective will be appearing regularly on syncspace on the last Sunday of each month. The regular members are:

Ottawa woodwind virtuoso David Renaud (playing clarinet with this group) Toronto multi-instrumentalist Drew Jurecka (playing violin with this group) Ottawa pianist and trombonist Mark Ferguson (playing trombone with this group) Toronto guitarist Nathan Hiltz Ottawa low-end specialist Keith Hartshorn-Walton (playing tuba with this group) Ottawa drummer Lucas Denison For this July performance, the collective will appear as a quartet with David Renaud, Mark Ferguson, Keith Hartshorn-Walton, and Lucas Denison.

Join us for a spirited, fun-filled afternoon set of trad jazz.

$14 Listen Live, and have access afterwards to stream the show anytime you wish.

David Renaud

syncspace.live - connecting musicians live intercity over 500km apart Toronto-Ottawa-Hamilton

Named for the three cities from which the band will perform across, this quartet of outstanding musicians will meet up to perform together for the first time. Join woodwind virtuoso David Renaud from Ottawa, pianist Adrean Farrugia from Hamilton, and bassist Michael Herring, and drummer Anthony Michelli, both performing from Toronto, as they share some of their original music and the stories behind their selections. The miracle of modern technology makes it possible to bring these stellar performers together for a real-time performance between three cities across the Internet.

$16 Listen Live, and have access afterwards to stream the show anytime you wish.

Gypsy Jazz - David Renaud - Justin Duhaime


Gypsy Muse is Justin Duhaime’s jazz manouche project inspired by the legacy of legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt, the music is driven by swinging and grooving rhythm guitar which functions as a vehicle for improvisation. They combine an eclectic mix of high energy swing, latin grooves, virtuosic fast tempo tunes and luscious ballads. Find them at the confluence of the old and the new.




Vocalist Diane Nalini celebrates William Shakespeare’s birthday with a live performance of songs from her album Songs of Sweet Fire in which she set the Bard’s words to her original jazz, bossa, folk, and blues music. Diane will be joined by David Renaud (woodwinds), John Geggie (double bass), and Lucas Denison (drums).

David Renaud & Keith Walton


One hour concert followed by links to a half hour masterclass for woodwinds by Dave Renaud , and a masterclass for Brass by Keith Walton

David Renaud

syncspace.live, Ottawa

This Friday, 7:30 pm celebrate Mari Gras with Dr. Keith Walton, Mark Ferguson, Justin Duhaime, and myself. Live from 4 remote locations in sync through Syncspace.live. It’s a big deal to be performing live once again with musicians. Check out the many concerts and bands at Syncspace.live. You can support the cause by sharing this video, sharing the concert link, tell your friends and neighbors, buy a ticket, you can even gift a ticket by assigning a friends email address to the ticket in the checkout box. Hope to see you Friday.



NYE Livestream by SyncSpace and the Ottawa Jazz Orchestra


Live jazz in Sync broadcast from 6 locations. New technology setup and customized srvers allow for super low ping and delay over the internet,... Free live jazz concert from some of Ottawas finest jazz musicians.

House Concert at the Lake - Trio


Steve Boudreau and myself are expanding to a trio with the addition of Keith Walton on Tuba. First set : "A Brief history of jazz" second set: "The stories behind our own music". For those that may not know Keith, he is one of Canada's finest tuba players. Keith has toured extensively with the Foothills Brass Quintet. Keith received his Doctorate of Music from McGill University in 2010. He has performed with Clark Terry, Louis Bellson, Quinsin Nachoff, as well as orchestras in Edmonton, Calgary, Oshawa and Kingston.

Steve Boudreau currently teaches piano privately and as part of Carleton University's Music Performance program. In 2010 he received a Master of Music degree in jazz performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston. He has toured North America with multiple musical productions and has performed as both leader and sideman at various Canadian jazz festivals. His recently released trio album "Preludes: The Music of George Gershwin" has been getting radio play on Canadian jazz stations and a new quartet record of original music entitled "Opus 2" is now out, with guitarist Garry Elliott, bassist Adrian Vedady and drummer Camil Belisle

It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing - Chamber Music Festival

Dominion Chalmers, 355 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON

I'm playing Tenor sax and clarinet on this one. Lots of great solo sections in this show. Great material.

Immersing oneself in the music of Duke Ellington gives the sense that he did everything that could possibly be done in jazz” (The New York Times). Rob Kapilow and the 15-piece Ottawa Jazz Orchestra guide you through an awe-inspiring insider’s tour and performance of Ellington’s most genre-defining tunes: “It Don’t Mean a Thing,” “Harlem Airshaft,” “Peanut Brittle Brigade,” “Single Petal of a Rose,” and “Chinoiserie.” Whether you love to learn about music, or just love music, this one is for you.